In Manchester Cathedral in 2008, we worked with a large group of young people, for a major mixed liturgical and musical occasion for what was the inaugural beginning and hope for the new charity. In that event over 100 people took part drawn from a wide variety of age groups, ethnicity and economic and professional contexts. We convened and trained a mixed race community choir of over 30+ over a 3 month period who took part in a high quality event at Manchester Cathedral supported by and in collaboration with the cathedral voluntary choir, Mothers Against Violence and Xaverian College and Junior RNCM students.

 This stunning event marked the first public appearance of the Gettalife Project which, thanks to your generosity, has grown and developed a great deal since that special evening.

We have now adapted and widened our scope to enable young adults and others from disadvantaged contexts but with creative talent to find their way to skill training that will facilitate potential work.

“Small is beautiful” is an apt description of the Gettalife Project’s attitude toward its goal of supporting individuals with talent to make the most of their gifts.

Our approach is to provide each person who engages with us a tailor-made, bespoke response, offering advocacy, mentoring, liaison, collaboration and negotiated partnerships as appropriate.

This personal approach is opening doors that have previously been shut.  We are delighted to have been able to help a growing number of people to move forward on their chosen pathway.