Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Since that inaugural event our approach has been a ‘bespoke’ way of working,  tailored to individuals.

As a very small charity with as yet, only one key worker, we have still been able to help 16 individuals over the last 3 years.

... Stewart, one of the young men we have supported, was given a new beginning with a chance to work on high quality apprenticeship in catering at a city centre hotel. After having had a minor criminal record, he successfully completed his 1st year, then moving to work closer to home.

... Sefton, a young man in his late twenties, whose dream was to train to become a barrister, we helped matched fund to enable him to complete his bar exams in 2009/2012. He was called to bar October 2011 and has just been successful in an application for permanent work with a legal firm.

... We have supported two young women who had to leave home and live independently with the help of social services. One is now a full time student at Leeds University.

... We have recently enabled two young men, who had been struggling with employment, to start a gardening and maintenance business to buy a good quality van for their work as well as helping them obtain insurance.

 ... We are in the process of beginning a strategy to help a young lad whose parents were successful asylum seekers due to religious persecution. They now live in Preston. Rabin has had a glowing report from his head of music as a potential percussionist in jazz and classical and contemporary music.

... Joshua, a young tenor from inner city Manchester with a late diagnosis of quite severe dyslexia, gained a place at the Junior Royal Northern College of Music Saturday school where he has studied successfully for a year. He has secured his place for a second year and has made an application to progress to a Conservatoire for further vocal training. The Gettalife Project match-funded his RNCM tuition fees. Joshua is now a full-time student at Trinity Laban music conservatory in London..

... a young man with a great love of music but no technical knowledge or training has been supported to learn keyboard skills alongside studying A level music. He has wholeheartedly seized the opportunities offered him. At present he is now considering the possibility of a musical career but even if it is not possible for music as a profession , such application and motivation will stand him in good stead with whatever he decides to do in the future. He is now studying music technology at Salford University.

... a young woman with significant family difficulties which have resulted in her living independently has been supported in her music studies through individual lessons. She has made considerable progress both in music theory and in her musical theatre studies. Most important for this young person has been the friendly mentoring offered by the Gettalife worker. She is now a full-time student at Leeds University.

… Chloe, a school leaver with no qualifications, was assisted in an application for an apprenticeship with Timpsons. She is now works full time on a permanent contract.

… Rachel featured alongside Joshua in our Spring and Winter concert at RNCM. We have paid for a CD recording and travel to her first professional recital.

… Adam began a major career rethink in his early thirties. The Gettalife project enabled a latent talent to emerge and flourish through a travel grant to attend a book binding conference and ultimately to to move to Ruthin where he is now a full-time apprentice to designer/bookmaker Paul Delrue.