textile artThe Trustees of the Gettalife Project are delighted with the real and lasting impact that the charity has been able to have on the lives of a wide variety of individuals over the last ten plus years.

In the light of the profound challenges caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, there will be people who need others of good-will, with experience and creative strategies, to enable them to find a way forward for their lives, after set-backs, furlough and unemployment. To discover a new skill, perhaps in line with hidden potential and talent, is now needed more than ever.

We are in the process of developing a range of support strategies, which would be tailored to meet individual needs. 

On a small and most personal ‘home-based’ note, we are just beginning a new Knitting project, linking with the need we all have for something cosy and cheering to bring warmth on cold days and to brighten hostel or bed-sit accommodation and give it a touch of colour and homeliness.

If you feel you could contribute to either of the above projects, get in touch by e-mail in the first instance with Sue Talbot…. or Claire Sherman for the knitting project… 

Please get in touch via the ‘Contact Gettalife’ tab at the top right of this page.