Future Plans

all roads lead home textile artThe Trustees of the Gettalife Project are delighted with the real and lasting impact that the charity has been able to have on the lives of a wide variety of individuals.

We are looking for people who are experienced in Grant and Trust applications to help us access our Researched file of Trust and Grants in the Arts and turn the reference knowledge we have been given into the gold of successful Grants. We would assume a percentage wage given from any successful bid.

We are just beginning a new Knitting project, linking with the needs expressed by the ‘Childrens Society’ of Asylum Seekers and Runaways.

If you feel you could contribute to either of the above projects, get in touch by e-mail in the first instance with Sue Talbot.

Our aim is to continue to provide a high impact, value for money service to individuals seeking to ‘get a life.’