Spring in Winter

spring in winterJoshua Gordon’s talent was fostered by the Gettalife Project and by the talent school of the Royal Northern College of Music together with Maureen Brathwaite and Xaverian College Director of Music Andrew Levendis. He’s now a full time music student at Trinity College London.

On December 6th Joshua sang at the ‘Spring in Winter’ concert at the Royal Northern College Of Music. The Junior RNCM Percussion Ensemble and Xaverian College Choir and Big band made this an evening to remember.

The concert also featured pianist Rachel Taverner, who has a heart and passion for music and young drummer Rabin Joseph. They were joined by international concert pianist, Andrew Wilde, and acclaimed soprano Maureen Braithwaite.

The programme included Carmina Burana and the UK premier of composer Matthew Sergeant’s ‘scammonden bridge’.

This unique concert brought together high-profile professional musicians and new talent, in a programme that is dramatic, diverse and of high quality.


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